Johannes Brand, LL.M. (Trinity College Dublin)

Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für internationales Wirtschaftsrecht, Fachanwalt für Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht

Johannes Brand, Rechtsanwalt der Kanzlei Buse Heberer Fromm

Johannes Brand, Rechtsanwalt der Kanzlei Buse Heberer Fromm

Johannes Brand, Rechtsanwalt der Kanzlei Buse Heberer Fromm

Johannes Brand is a lawyer, bar approved specialist for international commercial law and corporate and commercial law. He is a partner at BUSE’s Düsseldorf office and head of the “Litigation and Dispute Resolution” practice group. Johannes Brand advises clients on national and international commercial and distribution law and represents them in and out of court in commercial disputes.

In commercial and distribution law, Johannes Brand mainly advises international trading companies, producers of goods, wholesalers and service providers who do not have an own legal department as an outsourced legal department. A particular focus is on the implementation of contract management, i.e. the creation of structures and processes for legally compliant and efficient contract conclusion, especially in an international context.

While purely national matters in commercial and corporate law are part of Johannes Brand’s daily advisory practice, a particular focus of his work is on matters with a foreign connection – international commercial law. Cross-border matters in commercial and corporate law are characterised by a number of special features, ranging from questions of applicable law to intergovernmental regulations (such as the UN Sales Convention, the relevance of which is often underestimated), language skills, an understanding of cultural peculiarities and the need to be able to access a network of foreign lawyers.

In addition to his advisory work, as head of the “Litigation and Dispute Resolution” practice group, he regularly acts for clients in commercial and distribution law disputes. The focus here is on the resolution of supposedly deadlocked situations. He conducts unavoidable court proceedings with knowledge not only of the national rules of civil procedure, but also in particular of international regulations, which can have an enormous influence on proceedings (starting with the international jurisdiction of the courts called upon).

Johannes Brand is a graduate of the Master’s programme “International and Comparative Law” at Trinity College, Dublin. Previously he studied and worked throughout his legal formation in Bogotá (Colombia), Madrid and Brussels. He advises clients in English and Spanish language and is also involved as a lecturer in the training of legal trainees at the Frankfurt District Court. He takes particular pleasure in working with medium-sized companies in all the above-mentioned areas. As an enthusiastic racing cyclist and author of the German B2B cycling business magazine “Velobiz”, he is particularly – but not only – happy to engage in this sector.