Further Healthcare System Digitalization.

 Benchmark paper published on 3rd Law on Digitalization.

Further Healthcare System Digitalization

The German Federal Government has commissioned a benchmark paper on the planned third law on digitalization in the healthcare sector. It is not clear yet when a formal draft bill is going to follow.

The benchmark paper has 12 pillars in total. Especially worth mentioning:

  • Telemedicine is to be further advanced, for example by increased consultation via video and by issuing electronic incapacity certificates.
  • Digital health apps are to be enshrined more firmly through improved data protection and an extended application area as well as integrated use with the electronic medical record (EMR).
  • Digital care applications are to be developed and financed by the social nursing care insurance.
  • An EU opening of the telematics infrastructure (TI) is to be implemented. This is intended to enable cross-border care, in particular through a cross-border ePrescription. Cross-border care is also to be optimized in the event of a pandemic.
  • Quality management and transparency in the health care system are to be supported, for example, by an overview of all medical service providers by the German National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung), with e. g. opening hours, medical specialty, etc. The publication is to be made via the national health portal (gesund.bund.de).
  • The telematics infrastructure is to be further developed, e. g. by connecting further, non-academic health professions.
  • Likewise, the ePrescription is to be further developed, for example by extending the scope of the prescription in the area of home health care and therapeutic appliances.
  • The same applies to the advancement of the electronic medical record. Here, work is being planned on interfaces to the health portal as well as on closely coordinated data exchange with the ePrescription.
  • A binding encoding of rare diseases in hospitals is to be established.

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