Compliance advisors: economical & safe for SMEs.

 Compliance work is important: external compliance officers are an option to internal compliance departments.

Externe Compliance-Berater, Insight von Prof. Dr. Peter Fissenewert, Rechtsanwalt der Kanzlei Buse Heberer Fromm

Compliance is also becoming increasingly important for SMEs. The position of the external compliance officer is a good way to make your own company compliant. It provides a flexible and economically viable alternative, especially for suppliers and exporting companies.

Criminal records, cartels, breach of trust, corruption, problems with security and data protection: Nowadays, no company is exempt from compliance issues. Compliance has been a topic for SMEs for a while now (link to your book here if applicable). A very good overview of the opportunities and challenges facing SMEs can be found in the standard reference by Professor Peter Fissenewert, Attorney at Law; “Compliance for SMEs” (German title: Compliance für den Mittelstand).

Business owners and managers of a company are increasingly faced with the task of leading their companies according to the principles of compliance. The standard company structure is made up of departments with several managers, who are charged with making employees aware of all possible risks. In smaller companies, however, the topic of compliance is often still a resource problem! Protection is good, but creating a position for this in one’s own company is often too expensive.

This is where external compliance officers come in. Appointing an external compliance officer ensures that a company complies with the relevant requirements. This applies to companies, associations and clubs for the purpose of preventing the risk of compliance violations.

The extent of information required to ensure successful compliance work largely depends on the complexity of the business. Commissioning an external compliance officer can be an option, in particular, for SMEs who find it too costly to set up an additional position.

Buse Heberer Fromm offers the services of an external legal compliance officer. Our focus is on the lawyer’s legal advisory duties such as assessing legal risks, particularly liability risks. We recommend ways to control risks. That’s the key element of compliance.


Our range of consulting services encompasses a legal risk analysis: this entails a comprehensive evaluation of individual circumstances, contract management, including the preparation of contracts and the implementation of an effective compliance structure to monitor the actual execution of contractual agreements. The members of our team can act both as an external compliance officer as well as an external commissioner for data protection and money laundering, if this service is necessary for you as a business or responsible party.